Bashout 09.12.06 Comments

Posted: December 10, 2006 in Music
Ok, I’ve slept, and I’ve got just enough time before work be write a line or two about last night.
Musically Bashout goes from strength to strength, great sets from Soundmurderer and Michael Forshaw, but oh my god, what a set from Dolphin and Teknoist.They dropped some stunning mashups from the likes of LL Cool J and The Beastie Boys that were so laden with bass and effects that I thought the plaster would fall off the wall. Of course there was the usual support, from Dissident crew and others expertly handling the crowd along the way. Hats off to all.
As an aside, it’s really not worth trying to get back into a club with your face covered in white powder. Just a thought.
Hopefully, someone has recorded one or more of these sets and as soon as I find out who, I’ll post a link in the Mixtapes & Music section (above).

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