Scumball 2007, car update

Posted: January 10, 2007 in Motorsport
Dates and itinary confimed as:

Event duration: 16th – 21st August 2007.  

16th Thursday – Nottingham Novotel
17th Friday – Donington Park, Ferry, Brussels
18th Saturday – Nurburgring, Dorint Hotel
19th Sunday – Nurburgring, Dorint Hotel
20th Monday – Riems, Paris Hotel
21st Tuesday – Ferry, Home

Just got an email from Lord T, the team boss – as it stands the work list for the car is as follows:
      • Uprated clutch to be fitted
      • Front shocks to be replaced
      • Gearbox to be rebuilt
      • Interior to be removed (for weight saving)
      • Bucket seats to be fitted
      • Drilled & grooved discs and braided brake lines to be fitted
      • 18" Wheels to be fitted
      • New ignition set to be fitted
      • NOS Kit to be fabricated and fitted
      • Paint job and sponsor decals to be done

So not much to do then! I’ll keep you posted.

As an aside, if anyone is interested in sponsoring the car/team then please feel free to contact me; we’re looking for car bits, race suits or cash in exchange for bodywork/clothing sponsorship. Profits from the team will go to Great Ormond Street Hospital.

  1. Sheena's says:

    Hiya, Just cruising…minus a car….leg work. U know? So,mmmmmm. changed yr pic again? Can\’t keep up with U>>>.mines the same old same old pic<<< Boring I know. but that\’s me… Luv n\’ leave you…..sheena

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