Goatlab 02.03.07 – review by Anarchist

Posted: March 8, 2007 in Music
taken, without permission from http://bristolbreakcore.blogspot.com/

GoatLab 3 – The Aftermath

"Thanks to all those, who despite the shitty weather, came out to party the night away.
As with the last two events, the people booked to play put out performances of the highest quality. Hunting Lodge, despite the sound system not being up to their output put on a raw and powerful performance. Nice work, Lodge.
Special mentions to Jason Forest (aka Donna Summer) who put on an amazing performance and rocked the crowd and to Acrnym (also part of indie-combo, The Dananananaykroyds ) who showed – in full effect – why he is one of the hottest stars in breakcore at the moment – with a blistering set.
My final mention has to go to Patric C, who totally lived up to the hype. Using an old-school Amiga to generate the sounds he showed just why he was one of the founder of the scene and still at the top of his game. An amazing set that blew me away."

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