Scumball update

Posted: April 23, 2007 in Motorsport
Well it April and high time to start working on the car for the event, here’s the list of jobs to do:
  1. Gearbox swap
  2. Gearbox mount change
  3. Clutch Change
  4. Suspension upgrade (inc. top mounts, shocks, and springs)
  5. Brake disc and pad change
  6. Braided hose fitting
  7. Brake fluid change
  8. Oil Change
  9. Fuel Filter Change
  10. Wheel Fitting (what size are the plastic collets?)
  11. Steering Wheel Fitting (need to get boss)
  12. Stereo Fitting (need a stereo)
  13. NO2 fitting (need medical insurance!)

That should keep us busy for a weekend! 🙂

Thanks, in advance to Voodoo Motorsport for the kind use of their equipment and assistance.

Also, I mentioned before that we will be using this event to raise money for Great Ormond Street Childrens Charity, if you would like to donate please visit the Scumball 2007 GOSHCC website. 


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