Scumball Car Update

Posted: April 30, 2007 in Motorsport
Ok, so the weekend went well.
Excellent progress was made through our list (see previous blog update):
  1. Gearbox swapdone. (Gearbox from Audi Quattro 20V fitted).
  2. Gearbox mount change  – done.
  3. Clutch Change  – done.
  4. Suspension upgrade (inc. top mounts, shocks, and springs)  – done.
  5. Driveshaft/CVJ overhaul. Unexpected but done.
A few bits on the list still to do, like brakes (uprated hoses, discs & pads) and filter and fluid changes.
Now, and here’s the important bit – if you’ve got a Audi, VW or Seat and you want to put some real performance into it you really should talk Voodoo Motorsport, the owner is a top bloke and seriously knows his stuff.

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