Goatlab IV – Review

Posted: May 15, 2007 in Music

Taken, without permission (as usual) from www.thegoatlab.com

[strong language]

"**GOATLAB 4 Review!!!***
What a fucking awesome night!!! just recovering now…  Smashed a BIG THANK YOU to all who played and raved and especially my fellow goat-herders in arms Ana and Tom…it was a team effort, without you GOATLAB wouldn’t be possible!! Well done!!!
Slayer Slayer
The atmosphere was electric with smiles all round, and great music from everyone who played! Geisha were hard-to-the-core, Cdatakill was insane with his crazed beats (i think the crowd were a little bit confused at times). Soundbites held the crowd for his whole set, and like he said he wouldn’t touch his laptop throughout his entire set, just using his Wii controller!!!). Microphyst made a blinding debut! Hoonboy was fast and furios, and Blam got the mosh pit going!! Anakissed blew us away with her visuals and Gusset’s back room 7" set was hilarious  the front room was having it with Nim Chimpski warming up, Punksi on the gypsy vibe, Jay Nom smashed it once again, Dub Boy and Ironside murdered it, and my little bro Dj Ruk finished things off nicely! and not to forget Descend, his set in the back room was eclectic and his drapes made Tb2 look goatastic!!

here are some blurry photos i took on the night…we’ll put some of the live sets up on www.goatlab.com next week!". Parasite.

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