Glade 2007 – review by Punksi

Posted: July 25, 2007 in Music
 Far more eloquent than myself, I’ll air Punksi’s comments on Glade; taken from the Hijack Message board:
"My word that felt like I completely different festival this year but I still very much enjoyed myself.

WHAT A MISSION it was getting the Overkill Tent open on Friday….at one point it looked like Overkill was gonna be closed all weekend so some acts were cancelled/put on hold while we fervently watched up to the minute weather reports, ordered diggers to make threnches and run offs as well as getting down n dirty with buckets in clearing the tent of water.

What a feeling of relief when we managed to open….this is all thanks to the hard work of the Overkill and Glade crew……Ned, Rob, Alex, Sofi, Carly, Nicole, Joanie, Romain, Nick and myself worked our socks off all weekend so that we could make that party happen….the Glade crew were magnificent too and were trying their damndest to help us by diverting a lot of the festival’s resources in our direction. Thanks really must go out to Ben, Nick, Biff, Mark, Ans & all the crew in production for helping us get things going.

The artists for the most part were bloody lovely….with one massive exception. VENETIAN SNARES. The man behaved like a petulant seven year-old….we were bending over backwards to make hm feel comfortable and at home and he had the gall to rile the audience, break a £1k radio mic plus verbally abuse and spit at our monitor engineer. That is not how we behave in civilised society. Aaron has a good side but he clearly has a lot of mental issues….I would strongly advise any promoter not to book the man until he sorts his head out and makes a public apology for his behaviour at this and a number of other events.

The SOUND ISSUES were massively unfortunate but there was nothing either Overkill, Glade or the "sound police" could have done about it. The law was very strict about decibel levels and we stuck to them as much as we didn’t want to. I don’t know whether the other stages were allowed louder db levels or just didn’t stick to the guidelines given to them but it is clear…if the rules are broken the festival will not be granted another licence. It is an ongoing problem at many a festival and one that no one is happy about. Our sound crew did a fantastic job in every respect and through adverse conditions, they deserve everyone’s thanks not their criticism.

IF YOU’RE REALLY BOTHERERD ABOUT IT then I suggest writing to your MP as at the moment it seems like the complaints of the few can stop the fun of the many.

I have never had to deal with such adverse weather conditions at a festival and I have come away with a great feeling of a job well done plus many a new thing learned.

My musical highlights included…
Beardyman – from techno to gabber to general hilarity….a real star
KJ Sawka – missed most of it but what I saw was dope….the atmosphere in the tent was incredible during his set
Jerome Hill – so glad that Jerome got to play and in a later slot….his dj set was fuckin’ A
Pinch & Mary Anne Hobbes – the dubstep was just the ticket at that point in the festy and they both pulled out some belters
Milanese – first time I was properly stomping all weekend….wasn’t consistently amazing but when he was good he was ace
X & Trick – one of the most underrated breakcore performers out there….his set was good but I played with him in Brighton in December and he was AMAZING
Enduser – Lynn absolutely smacked it
DJ C – perrrrfect end of the weekend shuffly goodness….Overkill crew in full effect at front of the dancefloor  Slayer

Everyone learnt a masive amount that weekend and we have absolutely no doubt that next year’s Overkill will be even bigger and better than this one!"


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