Gig News – Goatlab, Friday 15th February 2008

Posted: January 7, 2008 in Music
The Goatlab brings the mother of all parties to The Croft to celebrate
Parasite’s 30th Birthday.

Come and join the Death$ucker records
head-honcho and acclaimed breakcore producer and friends to celebrate with a
massive line-up of mash-up talent.

Doors are from 10pm-4am. Entry is £4 b4
11, £5 after. Discounts for valiant efforts in the fancy dress department. The dress
code is romantic / sexy / goat. There will also be a retro gaming arena in the

Main Room:

  • The Doubtful Guest (Planet Mu / Seed)
  • Pisstank (Death$ucker / Cock Rock Disco / Irritant)
  • Exillon (Ad Noiseam / Zod / Puzzling)
  • Spanner (Anarcho Ska Punk)
  • Anakissed (Death$ucker /
  • Gusset (Death$ucker)

  • Jay Nom (Death$ucker)

  • Ironside (P.R.A.N.K / Bashout)

Front Bar:

  • Atki2 (Werk / Shadetek / Monkey Steak)
  • Dub Boy (Ruffnek Diskotek)

  • Nim Chimpski (Bad Planet / Finga Munki)

More information available from:

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