New Mixtape – Pasta Masta – The Chop Shop Podcast vol 10

Posted: January 29, 2008 in Music

"Pasta Masta is on the wheels of steel this time round and let me be
the first to tell ya that dude doesn’t disappoint. Runnin at just under
74 mins and featuring an eclectic mix of tracks from artists such as
Prince, The Pharcyde, Moloko, Disco Dub Band and many more, this mix is
bound to go down well with just bout any one lucky enough to hear it!"

I’m new to the Chop Shop Podcasts, but at first listen I think this is a set-up that could run and run; so download this mix, enjoy and check out what else they have to offer.

Download the mix here: Pasta Masta presents The Chop Shop Podcast Volume 10


 1 - BOOGALOO & LOTARI vs SMOOTH ‘Sweat side’
2 - SOULIQUE ‘Let’s stay running’
3 - MC LYTE ‘Cold rock a party’
4 - SONO RHIZMO ‘Barbwire’
5 - NATURAL SELF ‘The sound’
6 - DJ SHADOW ‘The number song’ (Cut Chemist remix)
7 - MEKON ft. SKOOLLY D ‘Skool”s out’
8 - NWA ‘Straight outta Compton’
9 - KRS 1 ‘I can”t wake up’
10 - SHOWBIZ & AG ‘Bounce ta this’
11 - THE PHARCYDE ‘I’m that type of nigga’
12 - MR. FITZPOP ‘Without me’ (900numberblend)
13 - PRINCE ‘D.M.S.R. (Extended version)
14 - 21 GUITARS ’Scorpio’
15 - EXILE ‘Summer in L.A.’
16 - AREA CODE 615 ‘Stone fox chase’
17 - WAR ‘The world is a ghetto’
18 - RUNAWAY ‘Shadows’
19 - DISCO DUB BAND ‘Disco Dub’ (re-edit)
20 - FRANKIE SMITH ‘Double dutch bus’
21 - SYRUP ‘Sweat shop’
22 - RUBE ‘Dharma bumrush’
23 - ZONGAMIN ‘Bongo song’
24 - NU TROPIC ‘Moonlight’
25 - RINOCEROSE ‘Mes vacances a Rio’ (Francois K remix)
26 - MOLOKO ‘Time is now’ (FK blissed out dub)

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