Save the Bristol to Bath railway path from becoming a bus route

Posted: January 31, 2008 in News and politics

Background Information

West of England Partnership, composed
of local councillors, propose to install the first of four bus rapid
transit routes along the Emersons Green to Bristol city centre section
of the famous and hugely popular Sustrans Railway Path.

This bus route
will take most of the width of the already narrow path; leaving only a
3 metre strip for cycles, walkers, dogs, children and disabled buggies
to share. This green corridor is likely to become an ugly, concrete,
fenced in busway devoid of vegetation and wildlife. In addition to
cycling, this greenway is used for walking to school, shops and
shortcuts: many crossing paths will be lost and communities severed.

Evidence this £49 million scheme will reduce congestion is lacking.

the undersigned, petition Bristol City Council to reject plans to
install a rapid transit bus route along any section of the Bristol to
Bath Railway Path "Greenway" and wildlife corridor. The Bristol to Bath
Railway Path is the most popular route in the UK on the National Cycle
Network with 2.4 million sustainable journeys in the last year.’


Disturbing reading:

Comment from others:

Video walk:

By: Brais Celme

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