Gig News – Glade Festival 2008 – Sweeter and sweeter…

Posted: April 24, 2008 in Music
Got some more news for you……

We’ve confirmed that the very brilliant New Zealanders that are ANTIX will be closing the Origin Stage with a special set as both ANTIX and as FIORD, their new super futuristic, techno tinged party sound. This has got to be heard to be believed.

From France, the mighty VITALIC will be on the Glade stage and JAMES MONRO will be there too..

The extraordinary STANTON WARRIORS are doing the Breaksday tent and then details on two of the stages we hadn’t let on about we’ve now published.

The Chillout area has evolved… It’s now the inSpiral Chill. With a new feel and look and with general goodness from those stalwarts of clean consciousness, the people behind the inSpiral Lounge in Camden along with a certain ALIJI, will be programming the music and performance to create a space where you will be able to relax, heal and recharge with an amazing organic cafe, beautiful decor and of course, as ever, the finest array of ambient and downtempo music you’ll find in the UK.

And Sancho Panza… We mentioned that one of the days will be hosted by a guest promoter and the highly incorrect VERY VERY WRONG INDEED will bring the talents of MR C, MIKE MONDAY and TIM SHERIDAN to the Glade. Sancho Panza themselves will of course be there and JIMMY K-TEL and MATT BROWN will be joined by legendary San Fran DJ GARTH. And there’s loads more bits to come…

So, don’t delay. Get on board before you miss the party…

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