New Mixtape – DJ Lumpy – Sexual Orienteering

Posted: April 25, 2008 in Music
DJ Lumpy has been turning out eye-opening eclectic mixes for time; I picked up Resident Weevil a couple of years ago and it still gets played in my car. Hearing him play at the last Goatlab was a treat and it was a pleasure to meet him; what a nice chap.

Anyway, when the bashment and the breakcore just aren’t right for the moment, try this – as Parasite said "this is proper Goatcore".

Download the mix here (right click to save): DJ Lumpy – Sexual Orienteering

Visit DJ Lumpys Myspace Page here:

  • Terry "Cupcake" O’Mason – Cupcakes
  • Bernard Cribbins – Gossip Calypso
  • Lord Spoon and David – Woman A Love In The Night Time
  • Cynthia Richards – If You’re Ready Come Go With Me
  • U Roy and John Holt – Wear You To The Ball
  • Lily Allen – Smile
  • Aim – Pier 57
  • Bonobo – Super 8
  • Bert Kaemfert – Berts Bossa Nova
  • Joao Donato – A Ra
  • Django Reinhart – Them There Eyes
  • The Tunetwisters – The Popcorn Man
  • Can 1930s Mix – Sing It Back
  • Spike Jones and His City Slickers – Serenade To A Jerk
  • The Bonzo Dog Band – Jazz Delicious Hot Disgusting Cold
  • The George Gabadarian Players Ft The Terrible Trumper Of Harry Arms – Little Spanish Flea
  • Ronald Frankau and Monte Crick – Everyone’s Got Sex Appeal For Someone
  • Dixie Cups – Iko Iko
  • Thurston Harris – Little Bitty Pretty One
  • Jimmy Soul – If You Want To Be Happy For The Rest Of Your Life
  • Shirley Ells – The Clapping Song
  • Benny Spellman – Fortune Teller
  • Googie Rene – Smokey Joe’s La La
  • The Young Holt Trio – Ain’t There Something Money Can’t Buy
  • Tammi Terrell – Can’t Stop Now (Love Is Calling)
  • Candi Statton – I’d Rather Be an Old Man’s Sweetheart (Than a Young Man’s Fool)
  • The Jam – Ghosts
  • The Piranhas – Vi Gela Gela
  • Da Vinci’s Notebook – Enormous Penis

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