Festival News – Pumplands 2008 – 8th-10th August, Dartmoor, Devon.

Posted: May 7, 2008 in Music

Pump it up to mid-summer at PUMPlands! A family collective of
ravers, DJs, musicians, sound systems and general party professionals
are launching a legit 3 day pumpfest.

Hosting 3 soundsytems, free
camping (fully plumbed), chill out tent, bar, 24-hour eclectic music
from the vibrant scenes of Bristol, Exeter, London and Brighton. The
event aims to bring a community run benefit to those who enjoy the
outdoors, raving and leisure. This will all be hosted on beautiful land
on Dartmoor with its own water supply through a mountain fresh spring.

This is a community-based festival aimed at bringing friends,
extended family, sound systems and club nights to the party.

will not be paid and therefore the event only costs £35 a ticket with
no aim of making money (or if we do distribution will be to DJs, bands,
sound systems and helpers and then eventually organisers). Music is
selected by all the organisers so the musical remit will be open-minded
and eclectic. Other artists may put their music forward for selection
and indeed bands may come forward to play during the day time.

We are
also looking representatives doing theatre, poetry, rapping, live solo
acts and any people to assist with the production of the festival. If
you’re you’re a seasoned professional or just a party-goer who wants to
get some experience from working at a festival then this is an
opportunity for you to learn from our team and witness a festival
growing in the most natural way.

Keep up to date by visiting: www.pumplands.org

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