New mixtape – DJ Cheeba – The Case of the Missing Records (updated blog entry)

Posted: May 20, 2008 in Music

Cheeba is the genre twisting turntablist at the forefront of the ‘Best
Club Night in Bristol’ The Detectives of Perspective (Venue Magazine
Award 2006).

Cheeba can be found playing in a wealth of venues and club
nights from Bishopston to Bedminster and beyond including a residency
at Solid Steel in Bristol.

Expect old school hip hop (the real Old School IMO), funky breaks and snappy deckwork on this mixtape.

Download the mix here (link fixed 12.1.9): DJ Cheeba – The Case of the Missing Records

Cheeba has been in touch (see comments) and provided new clues as to both the location and contents of the case!



Ray Conniff – Perry mason Theme
Harlem underground – Smokin Cheeba
Zion I – Cheeba Cheeba
Los Marijuanos – Cheeba Cheeba
Tone Loc – Cheeba Cheeba
Method man Redman – Smokin Cheeba
Mantronix – In Full Effect


DJ Food – Spiral (Dub)
Coldcut – Give it Up
Art of Noise – Beatbox
Gorgio Moroder – Tears
Kraftwerk – Trans-European Express
Daft Punk – Robot Rock
Herbie Hancock – Rockit
West Street Mob – Breakdance (electric boogie)
RJD2 – Bus Stop Bitties
Quantic – Life In The Rain
Public Enemy – Bring The Noise (Accapella)
DJ Bombjack – The Lesson
Leftie Soul Connection – Bam Bam
Major Force – Re-Return (re-cut chemist mix)
The Mohawks – The Champ
Cameo – Word Up
Jurassic 5 – Acetate Prophets
The Breeders – Canonball
The Beatles – Sgt Peppers (reprise)
Alan Tew – The Peoples Court Theme
Unknown – Saphire and Steel Theme
Men From Atlantis – Billion Dollar Breaks
Task and Bear – Endurance Test
Hexstatic – Auto
Kraftwerk – Radioactivity
Coldcut – Just For The Kick
Kings of Leon – Knocked Up
Barry Gray – Theme from U.F.O.
PWEI – Home (orb sweet sin and salvation mix)
David Essex – Rock On
Led Zepplin – Kashmir
Clint Mansell – Pi Theme
Rush – Tom Sawyer
Saul Williams – List of Demands (Reperations)
Squarepusher – Planitarium
Squarepusher – Squarepusher’s Theme
Aphrodite/Wildflower – See Through It
Dissposable Heroes – Television, The Drug of The Nation
Steinski & Mass Media – We’ll Be Right Back
Aspects – Bristol Fingers
Cut Chemist – The Number Song (re-cut chemically by cheeba)
The Blues Project – Flute Thing
Beastie Boys – Flute Loop
FSOL – Amoung Myselves
Ennio Morriconi – Once Upon A Time In The West
DJ Vadim – Headz Still Aint Ready
Amon Tobin/Kid Koala – Untitled
Dr Rubberfunk – Apologetic Dub
Orbital – The Box
Dub From Atlantis – Things That We Do (dub)
Duran Duran – Watching The Detectives
Smerins A.S.C – Dr Who (Jah Humphrey’s Dub Explosion)
Coldcut – Doctor in The House


Danny Kaye
Orson Bean
Humphrey Bogart
Kyle Maclachlan
Liel Lowndes
Jimmy Saville
Brian Posehn
David Bowie
Derick Griffiths

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