Festival News – Pumplands 2008 is off

Posted: May 23, 2008 in Music
"It is with an incredibly heavy heart
we have to announce that we are cancelling Pumplands 2008.

In the past
few months there have been a couple of incidents near the Pumplands site which
have made the local authorities wary. Loud house parties and other festivals
applying for a licence in the area have caused the police and council to change
their decision on our licence.

The stipulations they have placed upon us
are that the decibel levels should be “inaudible to local residents after 11pm”
and that the sound systems be turned off at 1am.

With these terms on the
licence we feel that we could not have the Pump that either you as family &
friends or us as organisers both want and deserve. Not only do we feel that
turning the sound off at 1am is going to be very difficult but the landowner was
also told that “if theses times and dates were exceeded, he would be prosecuted
and the maximum fine is £20,000 and 6 months inside”. With threats like this we
don’t feel that proceeding with the event would be fair on him, his business or
his family.

Pumplands is a hobby for us as sadly we all have day jobs,
and so finding the time to get a new site & licence would create a
substantial financial risk to us as well as potentially disappointing you

And so the Pump has been deflated….

If you have already
purchased tickets then please contact the person who sold you them and your
money will be returned in full. All those who requested tickets in the last few
days and have not had replies then we are sorry…we have not been overly happy
this weekend.

If you feel you still have unanswered questions please
don’t hesitate to get in touch. The Pump will be back, please email us if you’d
like to be put on our mailing list.

We are incredibly sorry to those who
wanted to work, rave and perform…we have put a large amount of time and love
into this project and believe us when we say that we’re FUCKING GUTTED about
this outcome.

Keep the Pump alive at other festivals this year and we
shall see you soon.

Much love"

Team Pump

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