Gig News – Bashout – 14th June – Black Swan.

Posted: May 29, 2008 in Music

View details of the return..!

…It’s back!!

Bashout mysteriously disappeared after its own first birthday party last
year, maybe the pressure finally took its toll, maybe you cant make that much
noise and not be affected, maybe it just needed to step outside for a sly
Now, after a gap year spent avoiding crowded places and regaining its
dignity, Bashout returns to Bristol’s mighty Black Swan this summer to spew forth
another torrent of deep, dark and deadly soundwaves.

main room: multi core

bong ra & mc mike redman [special ‘10 years of bong ra’ set – live]
The legendary Dutch producer headlined the first Toxic Dancehall 5 years
ago and has consistently rinsed Bristol on his various visits and we are
pround to have him back to celebrate his 10 years of releases with a special
set featuring Mc Redman.

fff [mindbender/planet mu – live]
Recent releases on Planet Mu and Mindbender join classics such as Junglist,
which was released on Bong Ra’s label Clash in 2003. We’ve been lovers of FFF
as long as Bong Ra and its criminal that we haven’t had him over sooner.

autopsy http://damage/deathchant%20-%20live
Autopsy has, in no way quietly, been releasing a constant stream of
awesome music over the last couple of years ranging from all out gabba to
raging drum’n’bass. He is one of our favourite ‘new’ artists and his style
suits Bashout to the core.

putsch [no fixed abode – full av live show]
A new project featuring the audio talents of Ronin and visual artistry of
Influssi, Putsch combines for a full AV live show that promises to rock and
dazzle in equal proportions. Their Bristol debut is not to be missed.

randomoidz [adverse camber – live]
Involved with Bashout from the start, Randomoidz steps up for his first
solo performance. Expect all manner of late night nuttiness from the bearded
bashout allstars [resident badmen]

A feverish four way between Alkemy, Ironside, Judge Fudge and Nick Noisy to
bump-start Bashout again.

upstairs: bass abuse

warlock [rag’n’bone]

Rag’n’Bone’s male half has been djing since the now sprawling dance music
culture began in England. These days he rubs breaks, steps and bass into the
dirt on his epic dj sets and weighty vinyl releases.

3d!t [coin operated – live]

Bristol debut for the twitchy 8-bit 4/4 machinations of 3d!t continuing the fine
Bashout tradition of live unpure techno.
arsequake [the blast]

Coming with a extra-tuff selection especially for Bashout. The irrepressible
Blast boys take on the mantle of Arsequake and lay down some off-the-Richter
ghetto tech.
stylatron [fire]

Big hot bashy vibes from the Fire head honcho to set the black swan ablaze.
davey t [dissident]

Kicking the night of with the best ragga breaks around the dissident sound
craftsman is off the drawing board and back on the decks.
p.r.a.n.k. dancehall clearout

What would Bashout be without the last hour bump’n’grind sweatbox session
upstairs. Expect all the classic P.R.A.N.K. selections to come out once more and
maybe even some stuff you aint heard yet!

back room: the bashout lectures

audio and visual edutainment,
special dj sets, powerpoint displays & more…

sat 14 june 2008

black swan, bristol

10pm til 5am

£5 b4 11, £7 after

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