New Video – Radio Clash/Mutant Pop – Instamatic – White Witch Dub

Posted: May 30, 2008 in Video

Ever wondered what Fleetwood Mac would sound dubstep style? Well click below to find out!


Yup it’s the video for the ‘White Witch Dub’ mash – my goddess that took way too long! Fleetwood Mac obsessives might know why this was a complete witch to do…answers on a broomstick to… 😉

Direct linkage (MP4 – much better quality than crappy YouTube)

White Witch Dub (Fleetwood Mac – Rhiannon vs Skream – Dub Period – apols to both!)

First heard in it’s original form on Skip to the End, this is quite
a different sort of boot from [timbearcub] – dubby, moody and atmospheric; and
about a mythological Welsh (Dub) Queen…with a lot of dubby production
[timbearcub], with some help from that Skream bloke :-D

White Witch Dub

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