Festival News – Glade 2008 nominated for Awards

Posted: October 10, 2008 in Music

It seems that our so called summer really has come to an end. It is now
time for us to get excited about next year and get you to pat us on our
backs for what happened in 2008… There is a thing called the ‘UK
Festival Awards’ in which we are nominated in 6 categories. Please vote
for us today!

The Categories are Best Medium Sized Festival,
Best Dance Festival, Best line-up, Best Toilets, Grass Roots Festival
Award and Innovation Award.

All you have to do is go to this site – http://www.festivalawards.com (Vote for Glade 2008 page)

word about next year… Well we’ve been reviewing this years event and
have decided to get back to a more grass roots free party vibe and we
can say now there’s gonna be some pretty radical changes. A move away
from big tents with more open air venues, more randomness, wrongness
and loveliness, kicking late night tented vibes, longer sets from
quality purveyors, more art and participation and loads of other stuff
besides. We will announce the date soon…

But that’s enough
about next year for now – what this post is really about is Glade
Festival 2008 and the UK Festival awards – if you could take 2 minutes
and give us a big up that would be wicked !

So thanks for the love and support…

Bring on Glade 2009

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