Space Weather – Biggest Full Moon of 2008

Posted: December 12, 2008 in Astronomy

Tonight’s full Moon is the
biggest of the year, as much as 14% wider and 30% brighter than
lesser Moons earlier in 2008. An astronomer would say this is a
"perigee Moon" because it occurs at perigee, the side
of the Moon’s elliptical orbit closest to Earth. Go outside tonight and soak up some
moonlight. There’s plenty of it: full story.

Last night’s 99% full Moon was already impressive: "Boy…
the Moon was very bright and BIG!" says Ron Hodges of Midland,
Texas. "Watching it through my scope was actually exciting."
For the record, he took this picture using a Canon 300D:

more images: from Ugur Ikizler of Mudanya, Bursa, Turkey; from Geir Øye of Ørsta, Norway; from Bob Johnson of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan; from Richard Meinig of Colorado Springs, Colorado;

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