New Mixtape – DJ PCP – Killer Circle Mix

Posted: January 31, 2009 in Music

DJ PCP - Killer Circle Mix - !kaboogie music

This mix is from PCP’s radio show – "PCP ina Shuí" , you can catch it on Radio na Life on Sat evenings.

best show on the airwaves for the past ten years – introductions,
engagement and discussion on all aspects of music, as it’s being
Marcach Céirníní Abú go deo !"

It finishes up with a highspeed grime, dubstep and bassline mix that follows the "circle of fifths"

Check out DJ PCP’s blog for more mixy goodness, a weekly radio show and a record of his antics.

Download: DJ PCP – Killer Circle Mix


  1. Zomby – Mush

  2. Benga and Cottie feat Rubidan Cottie -Night

  3. EJ – UFO

  4. Penis Vs. Vagina- Partyshank

  5. EJ – Temperature feat Sean Paul

  6. Rustie – Spiral Shaped Bacterium

  7. Mc Beezy feat Aorah- Can u Dance?

  8. Punjabi hit squad- Hai hai – Kingdon refix feat 702

  9. Wizzbit- Poppadoms

  10. Zomby – Float

  11. T Star – Biryani riddim

  12. JME – 96 bars of JME

  13. Dj Q- Dutty wine

  14. Roll Deep feat Flowdan, Riko, Wiley, Scratchy- Babylon burner

  15. Starkey – Kick it

  16. Syntonics – Rock tonight -Bombaman’s remix

  17. Dexplicit -What them a do _refix of movada

  18. Giggs – Ting dem -Word the cat license mashup

  19. Terror danjah/ Durrty Goodz – Reloadz

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