Gig News – Beardyman is back in Bristol (updated 27.4.10)

Posted: May 28, 2009 in Music

Bristol, UK. Metropolis, Sunday, 02 May 2010.

After 2 years of smashing the living daylights out of the
world’s most exclusive dancefloors, Beardyman is about to embark on the
bright lights of his first ever solo tour. BUT, he has no idea what he
is going to play…

You will definitely witness some mind-bending
mouth-work and genius-like live music production aided by his
revolutionary self-made loop-station aka ‘spaceship’. And as he’s fresh
out of the studio with dance-meister producer Tom Middleton, you may be
lucky enough to catch a sneaky peak of his new ideas, which won’t be
heard until the summer. So what about that eh?

As many of you
already know, ‘Beardyman’ is a shape with many sides and a dude with
many talents so he’s going to do what he does best and play what the
people of YOUR town want to hear. Yes YOU, godammit.

But how is
this going to work? Easy – if you send your suggestions to him, along
with your city, on Twitter under the hash-tag #beardytour he will
include them in his set, as long as you’re there to claim responsibility
for how great (or shocking) they turn out to be.
Marmite-hip-hop-ragga-step, renegade-banana-disco-dub, or Michael
Jackson and Arnold Schwarzenegger in a techno rave-up… the never-ending
choices are yours. Are you ready?

Beardyman has come a long way
since winning the UK beatbox championships TWICE in 2006 & 2007 (in
2008 he was the judge) and since his internet viral Kitchen Diaries was
shown on the Ellen Degeneres show in the USA in 2007 it has now
accumulated over 5 million plays across YouTube (with the total views of
all of his clips in the high tens of millions) and his skills bagged
him a headliner slot next to Katy Perry at the first ever YouTube LIVE
concert, in 2008. She may have kissed a girl, but Beardyman created the
buzz for the whole event and got to second base by helping YTL make
history by receiving the most ever views online, ever, at one sitting.

and if that ain’t enough, Beardy’s live music mash-ups have graced the
main stages at Sonar, Bestival, Lovebox, Snowbombing and Rise festivals
and supported the likes of Groove Armada, Jazzy Jeff and the Beastie
Boys. All this from a guy who wrote a symphony for his school orchestra
aged TEN.

Beardyman – he may be sick but he’s full of sauce.
Suck it up.

Warning: in Beardyman’s shows NO pre-recorded
material is used.

Monday 8th June 2009
Tuesday 16th June 2009
The Cube Microplex, Bristol, UK.

times UK Beatbox Champion and recent winner of ‘Breakspoll’ best
MC/Vocalist 2009, the incredible Beardyman is about to career
head-first into uncharted territory with nothing but your imagination
as a guide.

In a vein tapped from his internationally renowned,
improvised club-night Battlejam, you – yes you – the audience get to
stir the creative pot and become a key part of the anarchic madness
that unfolds. Each show will be a unique experience dictated by your
fiendish suggestions.

If you bring weird props and music
Beardyman and his crew will embrace them and throw into the live
shambolic mix, or you could just come and watch other people tipping
the balance between nuance and nonsense. The choice is yours.
‘Beardyman’s Complete and Utter Shambles’ will be the most insane
nights out the Cube Cinema has ever seen.

For this ride into the
improvisational wilderness, Beardyman will be teaming up with long time
collaborators 2007 DMC Champion JFB, freestyle lunatic Klumzy-tung and
winner of best Newcomer at the 2009 Tuborg Musical Comedy Awards, Jay
Foreman and the Cube’s very own Mr Hopkinson. Amongst the musicians and
improvisers joining them will be guitarist J’m Black, and saxphonist
‘H’. But it will be you, the audience, who will steer the night.

"Literally the most entertaining live human being I’ve seen in donkeys’ years"
(Rob da Bank, BBC Radio 1)

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