Newsletter – New Releases Dec 2009

Posted: December 16, 2009 in Music

It’s nearly Xmas and to celebrate we’re giving you 25% of all orders over £20 (or Euro or US Dollar equivalent)! All you have to do is enter the code "dswatxmas" when you get to the payment page. This special offer runs until Saturday 16th January 2010 for anyone expecting some extra cash for xmas.

The RSS feed is now fully working! For all new releases use this link:, but you can also link to individual record label feeds or genre feeds depending on what you like. Just look out for the orange RSS logo at the bottom of the label or category page.

Your last posting dates for Christmas are:

* 1st Class – 21st December
* 2nd Class – 18th December

The Death$ucker back catalog is slowly being made available for download from All releases are 320kbps MP3 with no DRM and only cost £0.50 per track! What a bargain for some classic Death$ucker material!

The Novemeber edition of Goatlab Radio is available for download: Goatlab-Radio November-2009. This month Dan Gusset and Parasite are joined by special guest Typowriter from Occational Cinema.

Become a fan of Parasite and get a new unreleased Parasite track "Now Get iLL" for free!

I hope you all have a wonderful xmas and a juicey new year! And a big thank you for all your support over the year, it wouldn’t have been possible without you!


New Releases!!!

Skeeter vs Retrigger – Paranoia / Cynicisim 12" £6.00

V/A – Murder Channel Compilation 2CD & DVD £15.00

Maladroit – Best Breakcore Album Ever Vol.1 2×12" £11.50

Bizzy B – Retrospective 3LP £13.00


FFF – Rotterdam Rudebwoy 7" £3.50

Dub1 – Surface Noise 12" £6.50

Handbag/abba – First Blood 7" £3.50

Istari Lasterfahrer – The System Works Because You Work 2LP £10.50

Istari Lasterfahrer – All Wrongs Deserved – 12" £6.00

Pisstank – Ravecore Anthems – 12" £6.00

Spitting Vitriol Vs. DJ Richard Hillman – 12" £6.00

Syntheme – Lasers ‘n’ Shit 2×12" £11.50


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