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Right Side Brain

1. Think of one ‘crazy’ idea per day.
2. imagine your organisation/yourself/spouse/ten years from now.
3. Redecorate your office/home. Add toys, posters, etc.
4. Design a ‘logo’ for your job, family.
5. Instigate a brain-storming session on an important issue.
6. Decide based on intiution/gut feeling.
7. Conceptualise a new product.
8. Smile, be cheerful.
9. Develop a sense of humour; have fun.
10. Voluntarily extend help to your collegue/family members.
11. Listen to music.
12. Know a new person everyday.
13. Know a new aspect in in people know to you.
14. Take decision in team.
15. Convert words into pictures. Write a letter only through pictures. (or with minimum words).
16. Learn prepartion of new food dish.
17. Fly a kite, play with clay.
18. Drive/walk to ‘nowhere’.
19. Run, don’t jog.
20. Take photograph without preparation.
21. Dance without rythm.
22. Day dream, think funny.
23. Play with children the way they want to play.
24. Cry, weep, roll out tears.
25. Be with nature; enjoy watching moon , trees, leaves, breeze.
26. Become spirtual (not necessarily religious).
27. Thank people; be grateful.
28. Advise/counsel others for no benefit.
29. Touch people wherever possible.
30. Participate in adventurous trips.
31. Spend a day without any planning.
32. Be unsystematic, unstructured, different.
33. Visit friends, relatives without planning.
34. Eat different foods.

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