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Scumball is nearly upon us

Posted: August 7, 2007 in Travel
Ok, it’s been a long time coming but Scumball 2007 is nearly upon us… 
In addition to all the preparations to the car, I will be embarking on a vigorous training program starting from 0500 tomorrow morning.
Training will consist of a flight to Cyprus followed by a week of hardcore muscle inactivity – possibly involving a bit of floating in a pool. Of course there will also be a bit of alcohol tolerance boosting to elevate me to the extreme levels of fitness required to jolly across Europe with a mate in a ropey old car   Smile
See you all on the other side.
Another personal exploration of some of the hidden treasures of Bristol, by Brais Celme. Regulars to this blog will have seen his short video postcards vary from Fighter Aircraft (hugely popular) to a country walk along the Bristol to Bath cycle path.  
Enjoy, and Happy Easter.

Seasons Greetings all

Posted: December 27, 2006 in Travel
Happy New Year, 
hope you’ve all had a good festive season, whatever the reason you celebrate.