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If you got here looking for information about the “To Boldly Go…” event, here’s a link:

To Boldly Go... 27th April 2013, Exchange, Bristol, UK.

Now, if it’s mixtapes you’re after, good news, I’ve been using dropbox and thought I’d share a link to the folder here, if you’re not a user I’d recommend it, installing the desktop client when you sign up using the link below will increase my available share space, which means more mixtapes for everyone! Installing the client isn’t essential however, if you just want to get the mixtapes, last link in this post is what you’re after.

The contents of the rolling archive will change from time to time so what you get will depend on when you look in there, installing the client will enable you to easily transfer the ones you want to keep to another folder…

So here’s the link to the desktop client/sign up:

And the moment you’ve been waiting for, may I present… The rolling archive:

Holding down the heavy end in Peterborough, Ontario are The Wax Addicts, committed vinylists and to date masters in the arts of Drum n Bass and other weaponry. Having pretty much sown up their local underground scene they’ve decided to give their mainstream contemporaries a massive 5hr pimp slap of a mix, you know, just to show them how it’s done.

No tracklist on this one, the internet just isn’t big enough – there’ll be bags of tunes you recognise and even a few that slipped past but trust me they’re all mixed in the style that Wax Addict fans will have come to enjoy.


more info: