Festival News – Glade 2008 (update)

Posted: May 2, 2008 in Music
First up, and super excitingly, we have secured THE ORB in full live effect. Not a great deal needs to be said as we all know them as being the people that pretty much invented the ambient, dubby house sound and they’ve now released a new album which is a massive return to form. So picture it… Sunday evening.. Sunshine making rays and little fluffy clouds. The perfect end to a perfectly ridiculous weekend! Well.. yeah we hope…. 😉

Served up on the Glade stage too we’ve ensnared the brilliant new musical force that is ULRICH SHNAUSS. This guy is way good. Google him or something. Either way.. Don’t miss him.. And there’s more. RED SNAPPER, with their funk driven cinematic excellence as well as the Reggae tinged party sound of OVERPROOF SOUND SYSTEM.

JACKAL & HYDE, over from the US, are doing Breaksday and these guys are the business. They have been described as THE purveyors of the hardcore-electro sound and they’re not wrong.. Seriously there’s not many chances to catch this act and we don’t want to appear to be just giving the sell, sell, sell but they are seriously wicked…

CLAUDE VON STROKE and MARK BROOM are booked up for doing the Vapor Stage alongwith MR MILLS and co and of course that’s just mighty fine!

Crikey there’s so much stuff going on… PITCH BLACK will be appearing on the Liquid Stage which is a very good sign of the musical direction of that stage.. We’ll send a full newsletter soon with full info on what’s going on in the psychedelic realms. In the mean time check the website as there’s quite a bit more info up there..

And and and….

Why not come and start the summer festivities by going to a club!? Some of our horde are putting on another of those sweet STIR parties at HEAVEN with HEADROOM and RENNIE PILGREM launching their new albums alongside a huge lineup with The Orb’s ALEX PATERSON, DUB PISTOLS, ELITE FORCE, DICKSTER, JAMES MUNRO and loads more. It’s on Friday, 9th May. So don’t wear yourself out this weekend.. http://www.stir.uk.com

Have a great weekend

The Glade


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