Sniff Petrol – Those new FIA-F1 rules in full

Posted: November 1, 2008 in Motorsport

unfortunate misunderstandings in the Grands Prix at Valencia and Spa,
the FIA has revised the Red Car Rule for Formula 1. These amendments
will be applied with immediate effect:

  1. Overtaking a Ferrari is not permitted under any circumstances.
  2. In the pit lane, a Ferrari always has precedence over other cars.
  3. Any driver finishing less than 25 seconds ahead of a Ferrari will be penalized 25 seconds.* If neither Ferrari finishes in first place, the stewards reserve the
    right to declare the result null and void (or to adjust it as

  4. Only Ferrari drivers are permitted to use anything other than ‘designated’ parts of a circuit.
  5. If forced off the ‘designated’ part of the track by a Ferrari, the
    guilty driver should immediately crash his car and return to the pits.

  6. Any driver or team appealing against any FIA decision in favour of
    Ferrari may be subject to a fine and/or the deduction of points.
    *Subject to post-race adjustment by the stewards.

(come on Lewis, stick it to ’em in Brazil)

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