New Mixtapes – 3 DJ Lumpy mixes to download

Posted: December 26, 2008 in Music

Back with three new mixes of eclectic high-jinx, retro musings and suggestive sounds.

About Dj Lumpy:
Dj Lumpy is a dj/mashup producer/promoter based in Bristol, England. He
has been into playing around with other peoples music behind their
backs for fun not profit since 2002 and has still not been sued within
an inch of his life.
His philosophy is that tunes should be danced to and smiled to if you
want to get the best out of them, which has earned him the reputation
for being a novelty act.
Dj Lumpy specialises in protracted length, highly eclectic chillout
sets, which range from ambient thru to drum and bass and breakcore, via
ska, soul, rock, rave, calypso and electronica. A chillout room should
be there to provide an alternative to whatever else is playing.

Download: DJ Lumpy – Warning May Contain Dick

No tracklist as yet.

Download: DJ Lumpy – Psycho Derek

1. Pat Dixon - Intro
2. Frankie Dante & Orquesta Flamboyan - My Daddy's Farm
3. Steely Dan - Do It Again
4. Dorothy Ashby - The Windmills Of Your Mind
5. Ross & Sargent - Nellie The Nudist Queen
6. Spike Milligan - Ning Nang Nong
7. Harry Nilsson - Coconut
8. Bert Kaempfert - Afrikaan Beat
9. Assagai - Hey Jude
10. Sean Connery - In My Life
11. Kathe Beberian - I Wanna Hold Your Hand
12. ELO - Livin' Thing
13. Julie Andrews - A Spoonful Of Sugar
14. Arling Cameron Swarte - Cowboy Ska
15. Wevie Stonder - Cowboys
16. Mouse On Mars - ?
17. Plus Tech Swueeze Box - Sabotage
18. Kyler - High Speed Dubbin
19. Bogdan Raczynski - Piste 9
20. Wagon Christ - Spotlight (Aphex Twin Mix)
21. Squarepusher-The Exploding Psychology

Download: DJ Lumpy – Grates His Tits

01. Stylish Rolf (Radio Edit) - Orbital vs Rolf Harris
02. Do What You Wanna (Slowly) - Kylie vs Ramsay Lewis
03. Crazy Watusi - Beyonce vs Quantic
04. Gay Jerk - Electric 6 vs The Capitols
05. Snappacabra - Snap vs Imani Coppola
06. Flat Sandman - Mr Oizo vs The Chordelles
07. Snooker Break - Chas n Dave vs Cirrus
08. Higher State Of Timekeeping - Coldplay vs Josh Wink
09. Squeaks And Bleeps And Money - The Plump Djs vs The Flying Lizards
10. Lazy Coconuts - Xpress 2 vs Junior Senior (DFA Mix)
11. Ignored Milkshake - Kelis vs T Raumschiere
12. Spazztrophonia - T99 vs Ian Dury
13. Higher State Of Waterfall - Atlantic Ocean vs Josh Wink
14. Starship Nothing - Fatboy Slim vs C J Bolland
15. Planet Claire Has Empty Skies - Kosheen vs The B52's
16. Caravan Of Acid - Aphrodite vs The Housemartins
17. Primate Enemy Number One - Public Enemy vs Dee-Lite vs Quantic
18. Jack Lemon - Lemon Jelly vs John Cougar Mellencamp

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