New Mixtape – Stivs – Jungle 09

Posted: April 14, 2009 in Music

The Life4Land crew have been ripping it up, no one more so than the legendary Stivs. As if to prove a point, here he is with some proper hardcore jungle business.

WARNING: Contains seriously BIG TUNES.

Download: Stivs – Jungle 09


Tempo riddem [bombacut version] – JungleFever & Stivs
What cant i do – Stivs
Babylon a listen – Stivs
Pass me a dubplate – Stivs & Scion
Ruffness – Daddy Freddy & Stivs
Special request – Stivs
Full up a class – Stivs & Scion
Gimmie da woman – Stivs & Scion
Jah is love – DSC
What if – DSC
Runaway step – DSC
Another – Stivs
Babylon step – Stivs
Hail the king – DSC
Its a pity rmx – DSC
What u no bout cribs – DSC (feat. dirty dike, slang resplendant, jimmy danger, jam baxter and mr key)
Run di place red – Daddy Freddy & Stivs
Ganja fi smoke – Daddy Freddy

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