Newsletter – DSWAT Exclusve – Animosity & Drumcorps – Altered Beast 10″

Posted: August 19, 2008 in Music


Man Alive! presents "Altered Beast", a selection of three of Animosity's most ripping tracks from the album "Animal", twisted up and remixed by Berlin's premiere breakcore musician Aaron Specter aka Drumcorps. The collaboration makes for some of the hardest hitting and most truly unique music in the extreme music genre. These songs will be exclusively released through Man Alive! on 10 inch vinyl with mind blowing visual psychedelia provided by John Lause. This record is an artistic masterpiece with four limited color combinations and a raindow foil stamped B side:

We have 20 copies of the 'Moldy Cheese' configuration (limited to 400 copies) on half & half cokebottle green & white vinyl.

"Its the most amazing vinyl i have ever seen, honest!" (man alive!)

Track List:

A1. Thin Retro God
A2. Profit on Greediness
A3. Mobs Over, Rob Me

Get your copy now!!!

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