New Mixtape – Mr Scruff – 1992 Hip Hop Mix

Posted: March 31, 2011 in Music


Getting in early with a summer vibed retro hip hop mix, Mr. Scruff delivers a tour de force here with a whopping 84 track mix. Enjoy.

Download : go to, click on ‘download code’ & enter the code ‘HiPhOp’

Tracklist :

1. Quincy Jones ‘Back On The Block’
2. Showbiz & AG ‘Still Diggin’
3. Showbiz & AG ‘Diggin In The Crates’
4. KRS ONE ‘We In Here’
5. Digital Underground ‘No Nose Job’
6. JVC Force ‘Big Tracks’
7. Roxanne Shante ‘Big Mama’
8. Stezo ‘It’s My Turn’
9. The Jaz ‘The Originators’
10. ATCQ ‘We Got The Jazz’
11. Stetsasonic ‘Talkin’ All That Jazz’
12. Main Source ‘Lookin At The Front Door’
13. ATCQ ‘Footprints’
14. DJ Cheese & Word Of Mouth ‘Coast To Coast’
15. MC Lyte ‘Stop, Look, Listen’
16. Sweet Tee & Jazzy Joyce ‘It’s My Beat’
17. Wreckz In Effect ‘Rump Shaker’
18. Limbomaniacs ‘Shake It’
19. Lords Of The Underground ‘Check It’
20. Digable Planets ‘Rebirth Of Slick (Cool Like Dat)’
21. ATCQ ‘Buggin Out’
22. Public Enemy ‘Can’t Truss It’
23. Roxanne Shante ‘Big Mama’
24. Digital Underground ‘No Nose Job’
25. Showbiz & AG ‘Diggin In The Crates’
26. Outlaw Posse ‘Stop The Negativity’
27. Public Enemy ‘Can’t Truss It’
28. Son Of Noise ‘Negative Forces’
29. QBC ‘Back To School’
30. Fearless Four ‘Rockin It’
31. Treacherous Three ‘Body Rock’
32. Real Roxanne & Hitman Howie Tee ‘Bang Zoom (Let’s Go Go)’
33. Steady B ‘Wrong Hole’
34. Blade ‘Lyrical Maniac’
35. Sweet Tee & Jazzy Joyce ‘It’s My Beat’
36. PD 3 ‘Funky Rhymes Funky Styles’
37. Organized Konfusion ‘Who Stole The Last Piece Of Chicken’
38. ?? ‘Everybody’s Searchin For The Last Piece Of Chicken’ Vox LONS???
39. Happy House ‘Old MacDonald Had A Farm’
40. Stezo ‘It’s My Turn’
41. Grand Puba ‘360 What Goes Around (Remix)’
42. Gang Starr ‘Who’s Gonna Take The Weight’
43. ??? spacey inst w/pitchshift background vocals
44. De La Soul ‘Buddy’
45. BDP ‘Jimmy’
46. Showbiz & AG ‘Diggin In The Crates’
47. Del Tha Funkee Homosapien ‘Mistadobolina’
48. Lords Of Rap ‘Where Are You Coming From? (Remix)’
49. 1st inst under LOR tune??
50. 2nd inst under LOR tune??
51. X Clan ‘Red, Black & Green’
52. Stetsasonic ‘No BS Allowed’
53. Lakim Shabazz ‘Red, Black & Green’
54. Sugar Bear ‘Ready To Penetrate’
55. JVC Force ‘Strong Island’
56. World Famous Supreme Team
57. UTFO ‘Roxanne Roxanne’
58. T La Rock ‘This Beat Kicks’
59. T La Rock ‘Back To Burn’
60. MC Serch ‘kick the beat in’ ???
61. Robbie B & Jazzy J ‘Split Personality’
62. Main Source ‘Fakin’ The Funk’
63. Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince ‘A Touch Of Jazz’
64. Donald Byrd ‘Change (Makes You Want To Hustle)’
65. Bobbi Humphrey ‘Harlem River Drive’
66. Roxanne Shante ‘Pay Back’
67. Art Blakey ‘Cubano Chant’
68. inst??? ‘Get Funky’
69. Stezo ‘To The Max’
70. K-Solo ‘Letterman’
71. Dodge City Productions ‘The Road In Front Of me’
72. Chubb Rock quote ??
73. Subsonic 2 ‘Brass Construction’
74. Gang Starr ‘Jazz Thing’
75. Charles Mingus ‘Scenes In The City’
76. QRZ? ‘who Is calling Me?’
77. Main Source ‘Looking At The Front Door’
78. Pete Rock & CL Smooth ‘On & On’
79. The Pharcyde ‘Who Is The Nigga In Charge?’
80. R&B type instrumental ???
81. Superlover Cee & Casanova Rud ‘Super Casanova’
82. LONS ‘Sobb Story’
83. Technolo-G ‘Go To Work’
84. Public Enemy ‘You’re Gonna Get Yours’

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